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Earlier in 2014 Milestone Industrial Flooring were challenged to install an elegant and sustainable resin floor capable of withstanding long-term traffic from pupils and staff. The product was 1620m2 of the popular MMA resin Flowfast Terrosso [Colour: Picasso]. This FeRFA type 4 product is aesthetically pleasing on the eye and has enhanced durability to withstand the constant flow of pedestrian traffic. The fast curing time of the floor (just 2 hours) allowed us to lay the 1620m2 in a short timeframe before students returned.


Like most projects, the substrate required preparation before installation could begin. Firstly the existing movement joints were exposed and new mechanical movement joints were inserted.

The floor was then carefully diamond grinded to clean the surface of any contaminants and provide a key in the substrate for the primer to bond with.


Once the diamond grinder had thoroughly prepared the substrate we primed the floor ready for the MMA Terrosso body coat.

The installation was completed in small sections, ensuring the primer had reacted with the substrate to create a high strength bond increasing the floors longevity and durability. As each area of the academy was primed, the Terrosso resin was laid carefully over and smoothened to prevent any curing issues.

As the Terrosso resin cured into the floor, colourful flakes were scattered into the body coat which gave the floor its unique, intricate design. Once this had set a layer of Flowfast sealer was rolled over the resin floor to encapsulate the flakes within the body coat and provide some final performance characteristics.

Final Stages

The floor then required some final touches which included designing the electric box covers with the same Terrosso pattern as the floor and adding 4.5mm metal movement joints.

Finished Floor

The finished Terrosso left a colourful, vibrant surface capable of withstanding the continuous foot traffic from students and staff. Its easy to clean and maintain nature means limited time would need to be spent cleaning the floor when waste and residue drops onto it.

If you require any further information about the floors we install, or would like to enquire about an installation. Please give us a call on 0113 243 6061.

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