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Milestone undertook works on the Models Own site in the Trinity Leeds Shopping Center. Models own had previously tried to replicate the look at a previous store location but had previously struggled to get a crisp and clean contrast from colour to colour. Milestone Flooring had the expertise they were looking for in this department as our skilled team of floor layers were able to create a clean and crisp looking floor which looked perfectly at home in the stores surroundings.

The product laid was the Altroflow SL over 100m2. Due to the original surface being tiles we were required to do some infilling using epoxy mortar to ensure the a level surface underneath. As well as this a scratch coat and mesh was specified over the tiles to ensure any movement between the tiles underneath does not cause cracking on the surface.

The initial stage was the grinding of the tiles using the HTC 420 which is ideal for smaller jobs. Next we initially primed the tiles before applying the scratch coat and mesh with another layer of primer on top. We then installed the SL and as demonstrated by the photos we did so by applying the colours in separate stages to avoid colour contamination and ensure each section is as aesthetically pleasing as it can be.



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