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Milestone Industrial Flooring has its foundations firmly rooted in the food manufacturing industry where tough,
hygienic, anti-slip floors with fast curing times are essential.

We recognised the advantages of the MMA (Methyl-Methacrylate) system we had previously installed in the
food industry and with over 15 years experience in using this product,  felt that its potential could be
utilised in wider marketplaces. The restaurant business seemed to have similar requirements and issues
with a greasy and oily food environment. Most restaurants traditionally use tiles but their porous surface
and grout lines allow dirt to collect and bacteria to proliferate. However installing our anti-slip, non-porous,
seamless MMA resin system would alleviate these problems.

Meeting KFC

After several emails and telephone conversations with Mr Richard Darler, Head of Construction for KFC
restaurants,we explained the advantages of delivering them a long lasting floor without hygienic issues
and with a far greater anti-slip protection. We were also able to install a 100mm cove to their wall cladding
giving them a truly seamless wall to floor finish.

We demonstrated two reference sites, one that had been installed over five years ago and one over ten years,
both in a heavily trafficked floor environment and both still performing and looking aesthetically pleasing.

We then had to have our anti-slip system independently verified by the HSE Laboratories in Derby where they tested our products and found that our anti-slip system performs on both dry and wet surfaces above the industry standard. Our samples were also sent away to America to be tested by their detergent suppliers. Once all these requirements had been fulfilled, we installed our first kitchen floor in a new build store in Worcester in December 2008. This was left for six months to see how it performed. We are now proud to be working alongside KFC, supplying them with all their resin floors for almost 10 years.

Breaking out the tiles

We had to start by breaking out and removing the existing tiles because of their cracked and damaged condition allowing us to expose the screed underneath.

Breaking out the screed

Once we had removed the tiles and exposed the screed we found that it was weak and had broken up, due to this we had to remove the existing screed, as if we had installed any floor on top of the screed it would have left our client with a cracked and unsuitable floor.


After removing the damaged screed, we then prepared the floor making sure that it was strong and sound allowing us to install the Flowfast Quartz resin. We filled in any holes with Flowfast F1 resin, a very strong rapid drying resin used to mend cracks and holes where a quick turnaround is needed.

Finished Floor

Once the floor preparation had been completed and we had checked the floor was ready, we installed the Flowfast Quartz resin to the clients specification. Once the floor had been installed we allowed 2 hours for the floor to fully chemically cure before the kitchen equipment was re-installed allowing the KFC store to continue serving its customers.

If you require any further information about the floors we install, or would like to enquire about an installation. Please give us a call on 0113 243 6061.




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