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In one of Milestone Industrial Floorings biggest projects of the year Heathrow asked us to complete a major transformation of their 10,000m2 base with a dramatic, attractive turnaround over a short period of time. The chosen product was a FeRFA Type 5 Flowshield SL epoxy-based floor coating. This hard wearing, easy to clean system would provide Heathrow with a low maintenance floor capable of withstanding their constant heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic.


To ensure the installation of the Flowshield SL floor ran smoothly we needed to fully prepare the floor with a steel shot blaster. Due to the great scale of the project we externally provided a shot blaster that was capable of preparing the floor in sufficiently shorter time than an ordinary blaster would.

After the 10,000m2 had been shot blasted we prepared the mechanical joints and edge work so installation could begin.


To install the floor we assembled a large team of our flooring experts who had a wealth of experience laying epoxy-based floor coatings. Firstly two coats of primer with an STR over the top were used to provide a smooth layer for the Flowshield SL to cure on.

Once this had been completed the Flowshield SL was poured and carefully brushed across the floor leaving no areas incomplete.

A Flowcoat SF41 resin with an anti-slip aggregate was then installed in front of the cargo and chiller of Heathrow to reduce the likelihood of risks and comply with Health & Safety regulations.

Final Stages

The final stages of the project involved decorating the floor with line markings and installing the joints. SF41 was used again for the line markings with the colours red, yellow, blue and dark grey the desired choice.

Finished Floor

The completed 10,000m2 Flowshield SL system was a great achievement for Milestone Industrial Flooring and left Heathrow with a stylish, glossy and reliable floor where they could continue their operations.

If you require any further information about the floors we install, or would like to enquire about an installation. Please give us a call on 0113 243 6061.



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