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Social Housing Flake, Woodgrange Estate


Milestone were appointed one of the contractors to undertake the flooring works on the Woodgrange Estate in Southend on sea.The product used was the Flowfast Social Housing Flake commonly known as SHF as a 4mm system. The 4mm SHF system is a Methane methacrylate(MMA) which incorporates a light textured flake finish ideal for lobbies, walkways and stairwells… more

Models Own

Models Own

Milestone undertook works on the Models Own site in the Trinity Leeds Shopping Center. Models own had previously tried to replicate the look at a previous store location but had previously struggled to get a crisp and clean contrast from colour to colour. Milestone Flooring had the expertise they were looking for in this department as our… more

We Have Moved!


We have recently taken the step of moving from our Leeds office to a purpose built office in Pontefract. As a constantly growing business Milestone was growing too big for its original surroundings. With the addition of extra members of staff and the investment into state of the art machinery such as the HTC machines it was… more

Ground Breaking Mondéco Rapide


What Is Mondéco Rapide? Mondéco Rapide is a new quicker more practical version of the original Mondéco classic system. It is a 4 component system that provides a luxurious, non porous finish. Mondéco Rapide can be used for a variety of different building’s such as Airports, Hotels, restaurant’s and shopping centres just to name a few due to… more

Choosing the Right Resin Flooring for your Business


With endless choices of resin floors and coatings today, choosing the right flooring for your business may seem overwhelming. To correctly identify the perfect resin floor for your business, there are 5 key questions you need to answer. 1. What Industry do I operate in? Obviously, not all resin floors are manufactured for the same environment. Quartz… more

Why Choose Resin Flooring?


Resin floors are durable and sustainable solutions, typically for floors subject to constant or heavy foot and vehicular traffic. Most resin floors consist of a primer which links to the substrate to create a strong bond. This is then masked by a body coat which provides the floor thickness and base design. A seal coat will then… more