Our Industries

Automotive and Aviation

Where we install:

Resin flooring within the Automotive and Aviation industry requires resilience to withstand the heavy flow of traffic and meet UK Health and Safety requirements. Milestone Industrial Flooring provides durable oil and slip resistant surfaces, perfect for Terminals and Showrooms to help create safer working environments.We can install decorative, polished finishes to animate dull backgrounds. Alternatively an MMA resin floor system can create a luxurious road effect for cars to glide through on exhibition. This reliable system naturally tolerates the high level of wheel and foot traffic automotive businesses regularly endure.

Dining and Entertainment

Where we install:
Fast Food

Milestone Industrial Flooring understand the importance of health and hygiene within the Dining and Entertainment industry. Our rapid curing resin floor systems are tailored to meet the tough demands of food and drink environments. We hold experience in all areas, installing in Main Rooms, Kitchens, Toilets and Cellars with unique floor designs to suit specific needs.Due to the quick turnaround required we commonly install fast curing resin floor systems that fully cure in two hours, reducing business downtime and helping your business restart as soon as possible. We can also install anti-slip resin floor finishes to ensure Health and Safety conditions are met and provide heat resistant coatings to cook-line areas.

Distribution & Warehousing

Where we install:

Milestone Industrial Flooring possess a broad selection of durable resin flooring systems for the Distribution and Warehousing sector. Resin floors in this industry are designed to tackle the heavy foot and automotive traffic to establish a safe working environment for employees.To protect against heavy vehicle traffic we have tough, slip-resistant polyurethane resin and epoxy resin screeds which defend against high volumes of traffic and generally require low maintenance for easy cleaning.


Where we install:

Milestone Industrial Flooring have a wealth of experience installing resin flooring products within Engineering markets. This industry requires sustainable floors to tackle the abrasive environments that regularly affect the resin throughout production.To ensure your business has the correct flooring our resin floors can be tailored with protective finishes like chemical resistance or anti-static. If you are unsure about the exact requirements for your floor, contact one of our experts today who will be happy to help you with a specification.


Where we install:
Chemical Processing
Drinks Processing
Food Processing
Pharmaceutical Processing

Milestone Industrial Flooring understand the importance of hygiene within the Processing industry and provide resin flooring solutions to meet the most challenging standards from recognised clients. MMA quartz systems are perfect for fast turnaround projects that demand a minimum downtime to production and require a seamless and durable surface.Alternatively our polyurethane and epoxy resin flooring systems contain stronger resistant properties and offer a smooth, easy to clean floor perfect for high care and cooking areas.

Public Sector

Where we install:
Public Services

Milestone Industrial Flooring are experienced installers for Public Sector businesses, working in a variety of areas such as Educational Facilities, Healthcare and Leisure. We can supply tough easy to maintain resin floors designed to withstand the high foot traffic in the public sector whilst creating a safe and clean environment for the public.We have stylish, decorative resin floors with smooth satin finishes to give any area a dynamic modern look however we can also provide thick, durable solutions for Prison and Public Service environments.


Where we install:
Car Parks
Shopping Centres

Milestone Industrial Flooring has a reputation in the Retail industry for supplying some of the leading retailers in the world with flawless commercial resin flooring. As many retailers are open 7 days a week, we understand the importance of completing an installation within a short time frame.To guarantee systems can be placed to a quick deadline, we have a variety of fast curing resins to choose from which are operational within just 2 hours of installation. In trades that are at a high risk for slipping, we can offer slip resistant resin systems to prevent accidents occurring.

Sports Stadiums

Where we install:
Car Parks
Changing Rooms
Club Shops

To tackle the harsh weather conditions Stadiums frequently endure, Milestone Industrial Flooring can install specialist resin flooring suitable for indoors and outdoors. A tough resin floor with a slip-resistant aggregate is essential to ensure customer safety and floor longevity under severe weather conditions.With a variety of colours to choose from, we can specifically design our resin floors to accommodate every client’s needs.