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We have recently taken the step of moving from our Leeds office to a purpose built office in Pontefract.

As a constantly growing business Milestone was growing too big for its original surroundings. With the addition of extra members of staff and the investment into state of the art machinery such as the HTC machines it was becoming increasingly difficult to run the business effectively in the smaller office and warehouse areas.

The new office offers us plenty of space with the warehouse being attached to the office block. The space of the new unit allows us to have a variety of rooms for all our different needs as a business. By using the upstairs as the main office area we are able to incorporate rooms such as a training room, board room and meeting room within the office building.

As a contractor working nationwide, location was a key factor in the assessing where to move. We needed to ensure we have close motorway links and that are easily accessible. Pontefract ticks those boxes being just off the M62 corridor with easy access on to the M1 also.

Our Pontefract office incorporates a showroom with a vast array of different floor finishes across the whole block. The series of floor finishes on show include Mondeco, Tru, Pandomo, Flake, Quartz and Polishes Concrete finishes. Why not come for a look around?
Contact the office on 01977 269049 or email us on info@milestoneflooring.co.uk

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