Ground Breaking Mondéco Rapide

What Is Mondéco Rapide?

Mondéco Rapide is a new quicker more practical version of the original Mondéco classic system. It is a 4 component system that provides a luxurious, non porous finish. Mondéco Rapide can be used for a variety of different building’s such as Airports, Hotels, restaurant’s and shopping centres just to name a few due to it being a very decorative but durable surface. Mondéco Rapide is perfect for refurbishment jobs with it’s speed of cure and quick turn around ability meaning meeting tight deadlines is no problem.

Where Does Mondéco Rapide Fit In?

The original Mondéco classic system is a seamless resin system that utilities a blend of marble chippings in order to create an aesthetically pleasing surface that is often described as the top product on the resin flooring market.

Due to the characteristics of the original Mondéco epoxy system, Long Programmes, Curing time and lack of flexibility mean that overall projects are slowed down due to works having to be done in stages and trades not being able to work while the Mondéco is being laid.

This is where the Mondéco Rapide fits in as its quick drying nature makes the Mondéco finish a more practical and achievable finish.

Benefits Of Mondéco Rapide?

There are many benefits to using the Mondéco Rapide system. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but it is a seamless finish with Flexible design. This means that it produces a smooth consistent finish that can be tailored and design to suit your requirements, such as a wide range of colour options. Mondéco Rapide is easy to clean and maintain due to the quality of the floor. With a Long Life guarantee and UV resistance you can relax knowing you have a long lasting and great looking floor!

The Mondéco Rapide system can cut the overall installation times of a classic Mondéco installation by up to 75% allowing the system to be a suitable option even when your on a tight deadline. Another advantage of the system is that it allows other trades to work alongside it in the programme allowing a more concentrated programme to be used to save time and cut costs of the overall project. For example on one of our previous projects we laid the floor through the night allowing trade’s such as Joiners to work through the day due to the fast curing nature of the Mondéco Rapide system.

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