How much does a resin floor cost?

Some resin floors cost more to manufacture than others. Floor preparation will also affect the resin floor cost. If you wish to know an exact figure please contact us with a specification.

What colours are available?

The colours available for each products differ although we do have a broad selection to choose from. Please contact us for further information about your desired product and colour.

Do you offer other products than resin flooring?

Yes. We also offer products such as Seamless Wall Coatings, Stainless Steel Drainage, Coving and many more which can be viewed under our Additional Products.

How long does it take until the floor can be used again?

Depending on your choice of product, a floor can be ready for use up to 2 hours after being laid.

Is there a maximum size the flooring can be applied to?

No. We can apply our products to any floor size.

Are there any limitations to applying a floor?

There is the potential a floor will have limitations. Some systems may not work due to the existing floor or substrate. These issues would usually be discovered through a site survey.

How do I keep my floor clean?

Certain floors have different cleaning requirements. Floor maintenance details will be given to you upon completion of your floor. If you require this information again please get in touch and we will be happy to help you.