Choosing the Right Resin Flooring for your Business


With endless choices of resin floors and coatings today, choosing the right flooring for your business may seem overwhelming. To correctly identify the perfect resin floor for your business, there are 5 key questions you need to answer.

1. What Industry do I operate in?

Obviously, not all resin floors are manufactured for the same environment. Quartz resin floors are built to offer businesses a fast track solution that reduces business downtime, commonly in commercial environments where trading rarely ceases. However a Flowshield SL polyurethane resin floor finish can take up to 12 days for a full chemical cure and can provide businesses with full anti-static resistance for engineering and warehouse zones.

To ensure you don’t waste money applying a resin floor that is discordant to your business, you must identify the factors affecting your floor.

2. How decorative do I need my floor?

Depending on your business, you may desire a floor that entices customers whilst protecting it from damage, or corresponds with the company colours. Alternatively, if you operate industrially, you may simply want the safest, most durable floor available. Our Quartz and Terrosso products provide a hard-wearing, decorative look for contemporary retailers.

Whereas our HF and SF41 products demonstrate a simple, attractive, glossy coat with strong heat or chemical resistant abilities.

3. What safety features do I require?

Referring back to the industry your business operates in, it is crucial that your resin floor is correctly equipped for your working environment. For the commercial sector, resin floors should be prepared to withstand constant pedestrian and vehicular traffic with some substance damage. Industrial sector businesses likely require additional protection from substance damage and extra heat or anti-static safety attributes.

Our resin floors can provide protection for:

Abrasion Resistance


Chemical Resistance

Heat Resistance

Scratch Resistance

Slip Resistance

Steam/Hot Water Resistance

UV Light Resistance

Wear Resistance

4. Can I afford the floor?

Ideally a business will purchase the floor best suited for its environment. However, this can sometimes be a costly decision, one which emerging businesses may struggle to afford. If a business has cost limitations towards funding a resin floor, it is recommended to reduce costs elsewhere to fund the flooring. Purchasing cheaper alternatives commonly results in:

a) Unreliable Flooring

b) Unsafe Flooring

c) Reduced Floor Life Expectancy

5. Do I have time to wait for the floor?

At Milestone Industrial Flooring we commonly install resin flooring to a limited timescale. However as discussed, curing time on certain floors may take up to 12 days. Fortunately resin floors that require long periods of curing time can typically tolerate light or heavy traffic after a few days. Though if these warnings are ignored and full heavy chemical traffic resumes prematurely, this can cause harmful damage to the floor and dramatically reduce its life expectancy. MMA floors are a quick alternative for clients requiring a resin floor within a short time frame.

Preparation affects the timescale of an installation regularly as a floor which involves substantial preparation before it can be laid will take longer to install than a readily prepared floor. If you don’t have the time to wait for a floor to be laid, you may need to choose a quicker substitute.

If you require any further information about the floors we install, or would like to enquire about an installation. Please give us a call on 0113 243 6061.

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