Social Housing Flake, Woodgrange Estate

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Milestone were appointed one of the contractors to undertake the flooring works on the Woodgrange Estate in Southend on sea.The product used was the Flowfast Social Housing Flake commonly known as SHF as a 4mm system.

The 4mm SHF system is a Methane methacrylate(MMA) which incorporates a light textured flake finish ideal for lobbies, walkways and stairwells of communal areas such as social housing. Being an MMA product the SHF system is a fast track application. Its curing time of just two hours helps dramatically reduce disturbance to residents. The scattering of Flake leaves a decorative, aesthetically pleasing finish to a durable surface.

The job itself took around 7 weeks to complete as we undertook 3 blocks which had 2 stairwells each meaning we had 6 stairwells totaling around 100m2. Before the 4mm SHF system could be laid, prepping of the steps was required which included taking off the existing rubber surface and grinding the stairs with a hand grinder in order to activate the surface allowing a bond to be created between the concrete surface and the primer. Once the product was fully laid onto the stairs we finished off each step detailing with nose edgings across each step. This protects the system from chips or damage aswell as reducing slips and trips by highlighting where each step begins.

On small lobby areas where required we also laid a Damp Proof Membrane and mesh on some of the lobby areas to ensure a consistent finish and stop the floor from potentially failing down the line. In order to complete the look Milestone finished off the stairwells by applying the Deckshield Rapide Topcoat in Mid-Grey to stringers, risers and skirtings giving the stairs a professional and aesthetically pleasing design.

Models Own

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Milestone undertook works on the Models Own site in the Trinity Leeds Shopping Center. Models own had previously tried to replicate the look at a previous store location but had previously struggled to get a crisp and clean contrast from colour to colour. Milestone Flooring had the expertise they were looking for in this department as our skilled team of floor layers were able to create a clean and crisp looking floor which looked perfectly at home in the stores surroundings.

The product laid was the Altroflow SL over 100m2. Due to the original surface being tiles we were required to do some infilling using epoxy mortar to ensure the a level surface underneath. As well as this a scratch coat and mesh was specified over the tiles to ensure any movement between the tiles underneath does not cause cracking on the surface.

The initial stage was the grinding of the tiles using the HTC 420 which is ideal for smaller jobs. Next we initially primed the tiles before applying the scratch coat and mesh with another layer of primer on top. We then installed the SL and as demonstrated by the photos we did so by applying the colours in separate stages to avoid colour contamination and ensure each section is as aesthetically pleasing as it can be.

We Have Moved!

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We have recently taken the step of moving from our Leeds office to a purpose built office in Pontefract.

As a constantly growing business Milestone was growing too big for its original surroundings. With the addition of extra members of staff and the investment into state of the art machinery such as the HTC machines it was becoming increasingly difficult to run the business effectively in the smaller office and warehouse areas.

The new office offers us plenty of space with the warehouse being attached to the office block. The space of the new unit allows us to have a variety of rooms for all our different needs as a business. By using the upstairs as the main office area we are able to incorporate rooms such as a training room, board room and meeting room within the office building.

As a contractor working nationwide, location was a key factor in the assessing where to move. We needed to ensure we have close motorway links and that are easily accessible. Pontefract ticks those boxes being just off the M62 corridor with easy access on to the M1 also.

Our Pontefract office incorporates a showroom with a vast array of different floor finishes across the whole block. The series of floor finishes on show include Mondeco, Tru, Pandomo, Flake, Quartz and Polishes Concrete finishes. Why not come for a look around?
Contact the office on 01977 269049 or email us on

Ground Breaking Mondéco Rapide

What Is Mondéco Rapide?

Mondéco Rapide is a new quicker more practical version of the original Mondéco classic system. It is a 4 component system that provides a luxurious, non porous finish. Mondéco Rapide can be used for a variety of different building’s such as Airports, Hotels, restaurant’s and shopping centres just to name a few due to it being a very decorative but durable surface. Mondéco Rapide is perfect for refurbishment jobs with it’s speed of cure and quick turn around ability meaning meeting tight deadlines is no problem.

Where Does Mondéco Rapide Fit In?

The original Mondéco classic system is a seamless resin system that utilities a blend of marble chippings in order to create an aesthetically pleasing surface that is often described as the top product on the resin flooring market.

Due to the characteristics of the original Mondéco epoxy system, Long Programmes, Curing time and lack of flexibility mean that overall projects are slowed down due to works having to be done in stages and trades not being able to work while the Mondéco is being laid.

This is where the Mondéco Rapide fits in as its quick drying nature makes the Mondéco finish a more practical and achievable finish.

Benefits Of Mondéco Rapide?

There are many benefits to using the Mondéco Rapide system. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but it is a seamless finish with Flexible design. This means that it produces a smooth consistent finish that can be tailored and design to suit your requirements, such as a wide range of colour options. Mondéco Rapide is easy to clean and maintain due to the quality of the floor. With a Long Life guarantee and UV resistance you can relax knowing you have a long lasting and great looking floor!

The Mondéco Rapide system can cut the overall installation times of a classic Mondéco installation by up to 75% allowing the system to be a suitable option even when your on a tight deadline. Another advantage of the system is that it allows other trades to work alongside it in the programme allowing a more concentrated programme to be used to save time and cut costs of the overall project. For example on one of our previous projects we laid the floor through the night allowing trade’s such as Joiners to work through the day due to the fast curing nature of the Mondéco Rapide system.

Why not give us a call to find out more on 01977 269049 or Drop us an email on

Choosing the Right Resin Flooring for your Business


With endless choices of resin floors and coatings today, choosing the right flooring for your business may seem overwhelming. To correctly identify the perfect resin floor for your business, there are 5 key questions you need to answer.

1. What Industry do I operate in?

Obviously, not all resin floors are manufactured for the same environment. Quartz resin floors are built to offer businesses a fast track solution that reduces business downtime, commonly in commercial environments where trading rarely ceases. However a Flowshield SL polyurethane resin floor finish can take up to 12 days for a full chemical cure and can provide businesses with full anti-static resistance for engineering and warehouse zones.

To ensure you don’t waste money applying a resin floor that is discordant to your business, you must identify the factors affecting your floor.

2. How decorative do I need my floor?

Depending on your business, you may desire a floor that entices customers whilst protecting it from damage, or corresponds with the company colours. Alternatively, if you operate industrially, you may simply want the safest, most durable floor available. Our Quartz and Terrosso products provide a hard-wearing, decorative look for contemporary retailers.

Whereas our HF and SF41 products demonstrate a simple, attractive, glossy coat with strong heat or chemical resistant abilities.

3. What safety features do I require?

Referring back to the industry your business operates in, it is crucial that your resin floor is correctly equipped for your working environment. For the commercial sector, resin floors should be prepared to withstand constant pedestrian and vehicular traffic with some substance damage. Industrial sector businesses likely require additional protection from substance damage and extra heat or anti-static safety attributes.

Our resin floors can provide protection for:

Abrasion Resistance


Chemical Resistance

Heat Resistance

Scratch Resistance

Slip Resistance

Steam/Hot Water Resistance

UV Light Resistance

Wear Resistance

4. Can I afford the floor?

Ideally a business will purchase the floor best suited for its environment. However, this can sometimes be a costly decision, one which emerging businesses may struggle to afford. If a business has cost limitations towards funding a resin floor, it is recommended to reduce costs elsewhere to fund the flooring. Purchasing cheaper alternatives commonly results in:

a) Unreliable Flooring

b) Unsafe Flooring

c) Reduced Floor Life Expectancy

5. Do I have time to wait for the floor?

At Milestone Industrial Flooring we commonly install resin flooring to a limited timescale. However as discussed, curing time on certain floors may take up to 12 days. Fortunately resin floors that require long periods of curing time can typically tolerate light or heavy traffic after a few days. Though if these warnings are ignored and full heavy chemical traffic resumes prematurely, this can cause harmful damage to the floor and dramatically reduce its life expectancy. MMA floors are a quick alternative for clients requiring a resin floor within a short time frame.

Preparation affects the timescale of an installation regularly as a floor which involves substantial preparation before it can be laid will take longer to install than a readily prepared floor. If you don’t have the time to wait for a floor to be laid, you may need to choose a quicker substitute.

If you require any further information about the floors we install, or would like to enquire about an installation. Please give us a call on 0113 243 6061.

Why Choose Resin Flooring?


Resin floors are durable and sustainable solutions, typically for floors subject to constant or heavy foot and vehicular traffic. Most resin floors consist of a primer which links to the substrate to create a strong bond. This is then masked by a body coat which provides the floor thickness and base design. A seal coat will then cover the body coating and supply the final product features.

Because of the tough and exhausting environments resin floors commonly endure, their hard wearing formula helps them withstand demanding situations saving costly repairs that other floors would require, making them very cost-effective But why should you invest in one?

Attractive and Tailored to Client’s Needs

There are few floors available that present customers with a wealth of options for style and safety. They are not restricted to specific industries although some resin floors suit particular environments more than others. Our floors are available in various colours to supply clients with their favoured colour or a colour associated to their businesses brand.

In addition to colour, resin floors are available in countless styles benefiting all industries. For example, Flowshield SL products suit Laboratory and Warehouse environments using a shiny, glossy coat to deliver an attractive, bright look which optimises safety for employees. Alternatively, a Terrosso surface features eye-catching designs to embellish high traffic environments such as Shopping Centres and Car Showrooms.

Exceptional Strength and Flexibility

When considering a selection of floors, strength is a crucial factor, particularly for industrial environments. Fortunately, resin floors have substantial strength, thicker applications possess two times the strength of concrete, and are able to withstand constant heavy traffic. As a result businesses subject to continuous heavy lifting such as Distributors & Warehouses frequently install them.

In addition to strength, resin floors are very flexible. The properties of resins allow them to be applied to a variety of surfaces, although it isn’t uncommon for surfaces to require preparation before the resin can be laid. The surfaces resin flooring can be applied to are:





[Note: It is important to check prior to application the suitability of your resin floor as some formulas are specifically designed.]


Health & Safety is one of the most important concerns for businesses today. Failure to meet Health & Safety legislations puts a business at risk and can lead to being penalised. To avoid this, some resin floors are designed with a variety of resistances to provide employees a safe working environment. These resistances include:

Abrasion Resistance


Chemical Resistance

Heat Resistance

Scratch Resistance

Slip Resistance

Steam/Hot Water Resistance

UV Light Resistance

Wear Resistance

Quick Lay

In busy locations, it is crucial for a business to have a fast track floor it can lay within a limited timeframe. The MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) resin flooring range provides businesses with this solution, most floors require only 1 hour to tolerate light foot traffic and just 2-3 hours for a full cure.

The MMA range includes:

Quartz Classic

Quartz Classic Anti-Slip

Quartz Scatter

Quartz Structure


So, why have you not invested in a resin floor yet?

If you require any further information about the floors we install, or would like to enquire about an installation. Please give us a call on 0113 243 6061.