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Milestone Industrial Flooring are a leading specialist installer of seamless commercial and industrial resin flooring in the UK.


From the beginning Milestone has set the benchmark for excellence in the industry, supporting an array of respected clients and establishing a reputation for the greatest in price and quality. We equally value every project we receive, employing our team to carefully consider the best solution for each job and if necessary, suggest suitable alternatives. Milestone is a licensed installer of Flowcrete products and our exclusive resin flooring products include:

Methyl-methacrylate (MMA) Resin Flooring
Epoxy Resin Flooring
Polyurethane Resin Flooring

Our team of expert contractors who have over 30 years of experience have considerable knowledge to guide you to your perfect floor. Whether its an aircraft hangar or a restaurant toilet no job is too big or too small, we guarantee quality and care every time.

We offer an extensive range of world-class resin flooring solutions that innovatively transform environments. We have built strong relationships with our suppliers and ensure we receive the highest quality materials available in a variety of colours to provide each client with their ideal product. We have solutions for:

Heavy-duty Industrial Resin Flooring
Decorative Commercial Resin Flooring
Self-smoothing Screeds
Car Park Coatings

To find out more about our resin flooring products please check out our systems and industries pages, or alternatively contact us on  01977 269049.


The correct choice of preparation is essential to preserve and maintain the quality of a newly installed floor. Poor preparation can lead to de-bonding of the floor from the substrate and result in cracks. These cracks will harbour bacteria and contaminants causing delamination to the floor and decreased longevity. Below are examples of surface preparations we use and what they are used for. Flat Diamond Grinding- Flat Diamond Grinding is used to remove, polish or flat grind surfaces and substrates. Shot Blasting- Shot blasting is used to clean or strip thick layers. STR- STRs are used to remove or sand thinner surfaces and aggregates. Scarifying- Scarifying is used to remove thick coatings and residues.


At Milestone Industrial Flooring we understand the importance of installing a resin floor carefully and within the required time frame. To ensure our professionalism is sustained we employ expert contractors to each project who will guide you throughout installation.All of our contractors are trained and skilled with a wealth of knowledge in resin flooring application. This provides you with the support you need throughout the installation process and helps us when required to identify issues with a resin floor. Our contractors will support clients every step of the way and help the project run smoothly.If you wish to see examples of our recent resin floor installations, please click on one of the case studies below. ASA Education Heathrow Airport, KFC

Health & Safety

Milestone Industrial Flooring recognises the risks in this industry and therefore takes every necessary Health & Safety precaution. We follow the correct Health & Safety procedures and make sure to identify the potential risks throughout projects.All Milestone operatives have successfully completed the required Health & Safety training. It is essential that all parties within Milestone projects take the appropriate Health & Safety steps to protect personnel.At Milestone Industrial Flooring we understand the importance of placing trust in your contractor. To show we are qualified and reliable contractors for Health & Safety and installations our accreditations are displayed below.
Health & Safety Downloads:
Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Policy – June 2018


To preserve the quality of resin flooring, it is important to follow the recommended procedures once installation has been completed.Every product has different cleaning needs. The resin floors that we install include detailed information about the correct maintenance for that product. We provide our clients with all the information they need about their choice of resin floor prior to installation. Upon completion of the resin floor we will explain the cleaning procedures as regular and proper cleaning of the floor is crucial in sustaining your resin floor. For those with a limited cleaning time we have a range of easy to clean and maintain resin floors available.If there are any unexpected issues with your resin floor, our team of contractors will help assess and repair damages.If you are in need of support from your resin floor or would like to request a quote for a new resin floor, please contact us today on 0113 243 6061.


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